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I have so many hobbies like drawing | writing fanfiction | listen to music | edit video manips | photomontageღ.
My obsessions are King Bieber & Queen Cyrus they are my life savers. It's JILEY, BITCHEZ.▲
☁ Sky of Love ☁.

Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.

ret in peace, girls

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Story settings Part 1

  • The school
  • hallway
  • library
  • class room
  • pool
  • roof
  • garden and Laila’s flowers 

Justin Bieber Fanfiction “Sky of Love” by orientexpressify.

You can read it here:




PSD 013 by opulencepsds

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❝She will be loved❞

OMFG!!!!! HE’S SMILING!!!! ghjkl
only Yuuki can make him smile SINCERLY.. *///*


❝ Her lush, brown hair. Her hazel eyes, and her voice. All so beautiful. When she looks at you, you feel warm, and joyful. And that smile. I will never forget. My love for her is so immense. I’ve lost everything, then she came, like a knight running into battle. Only she wasn’t against me. I had thoughts of suicide, and then she came. And I was saved. Then I told her my feelings about her, Oh, how happy I was!She loved someone else. I was scared so deep, I will never forget. Then, I was in the friend-zone. I struggled, but in the end, I made it out. Oh the memories ❞